Have you been feeling a little stressed-out? Like it or not, anxiety is a fact of life today, and it’s one of the top reasons people visit our Ajax, Ontario cannabis store. But while studies indicate that marijuana can help ease many forms of anxiety, not all cannabis is created equal. It helps to know which strains are best for helping you manage this common mental health concern.

We’re big believers in the power of marijuana as a gentle, all-natural plant medicine. And in today’s post, we’ll share what we know about the best marijuana strains for anxiety. We’ll explain how the cannabis plant works with our bodies to produce specific effects, so that you can better tailor your experience.

By the time you’re done, you’ll be well equipped to find the perfect products to help you relax, tame anxiety, and start feeling more grounded and centered. 

Best Strains for Anxiety: The Roots of Anxiety and, the Role of Cannabinoids

Anxiety is a growing health concern in Canada, and it can affect all age groups. A recent study concluded that roughly 14% of Canadians reported having a diagnosed mood or anxiety disorder, while a full 40% of survey respondents agreed that they’d experienced feelings of anxiety but never sought help for it.

But a new plant medicine—sorry, make that an ancient plant medicine—may offer relief for those of us of legal age. Incredibly, we humans have turned to medical cannabis for nearly 5,000 years, trusting its gentle effects to tame everything from stomach troubles to chronic pain to anxiety and stress. And while the ancient physicians who first prescribed cannabis were on to something, there was much they didn’t know, such as the importance of cannabinoids in determining the best strains for anxiety.

We can describe cannabinoids such as THC and CBD as the major “active ingredients” in the marijuana plant. We’ve written about THC before and about how its delightful euphoric effect can change depending on what other compounds are present in a given product or strain. One of these is CBD, the second most common cannabinoid. We’ve written about CBD as well, and how it can affect our bodies without THC’s intoxicating psychoactivity. And while CBD doesn’t get you high, it does impart a gentle, slightly energizing “buzz.”

That’s an important distinction, and one that has a big impact on how a given strain can affect anxiety. Because while some people find THC’s euphoria relaxes them, for others it can actually have the opposite effect, triggering feelings of anxiety or even paranoia. That’s why if you plan to try high-THC marijuana strains for anxiety, we recommend you “Start low and go slow.”

What about CBD? According to a growing number of studies, it helps many people reduce anxiety and stress without any noticeable intoxicating effects. One study from 2015 studied the effects of CBD on several different mental health issues, including anxiety produced by stress and that associated with compulsive behavior. The researchers found that overall, CBD had “considerable potential as a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders.”

Another, more recent study found that CBD reduced anxiety in nearly four out of five test subjects. What’s more, the cannabinoid helped a majority of participants get a better night’s sleep. As you’re likely aware, the quality of our sleep has a direct role on anxiety and other mental health concerns.

The Best Marijuana Strains for Anxiety: A Hand-Picked List

Knowing what we do thus far, it’s reasonable to assume that most of our selections will contain a higher percentage of CBD. But because some of us derive real stress-reducing benefits from THC, our picks also include some strains noted for their high THC content. Again, most people derive better results by taking it slow and using only small amounts of marijuana, at least when you’re first getting the hang of this powerful plant medicine.

Pure Sun CBD by Pure Sunfarms

Bred from the world-famous Cannatonic strain, this high-CBD flower is noted for its tight bud structure and its delicate floral and even sugary aroma and taste. With less than 1% THC, it’s a natural starting point for those of us who want a whole flower medicine that imparts all of CBD’s benefits with very low psychoactivity.

Mango Haze by Color Cannabis

With a refreshing piney and fruity aroma, this balanced THC:CBD strain delivers a hit of energy, focus and creative juice. It’s a great choice for those who are comfortable with a reasonable amount of psychoactivity along with their CBD. 

Dancehall by Spinach

“Spicy” and “melon-like” are two adjectives commonly applied to this balanced sativa strain. With a roughly equal proportion of THC to CBD, many fans report that this popular strain inspires gentle euphoria, creativity, and even social bonding. Now that’s one dance we’d love to get invited to!


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Do you have any other questions about the best strains for anxiety? Reach out anytime; we’re here to help!