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We the 6ix, and don’t forget it.

We’re changing the cannabis landscape, bringing the raw energy of the streets to our boutique cannabis shop. We bring our love of the T-Dot to the ‘burbs, to capture the vitality and spirit of old Toronto. From the skyline to the narrow alleys and raw red brick of the old city, painted over graffiti and the street sounds and energy that comes from the city we love, we offer a retail cannabis experience where old meets new, and urban TO and cannabis culture collide.

In a sea of cannabis competition, we wanted to share an authentic retail experience, to create a comfortable venue we all know and feel at home in.

Urban, clean, and contemporary, we deliver the finest cannabis products in a street culture setting that will make you feel alive again. Our custom line of products lets you live the 6ix no matter where the streets take you. Coming together. Connecting the ‘hood. Feeling the vibe of the greatest city in the world.

Shop the streets at the 6ix.

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