The Complete Review Of The First Class Funk Strain

The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About First Class Funk Strain The strain First Class Funk is an indica dominant hybrid with a 60% indica and 40% sativa blend. Harvest created the strain by crossing GMO with Jet Fuel.  The First-Class Funk strain genetics give you a window into what you can expect from […]

BC God Bud Strain Stands Out as a Leading Cannabis Choice

All  About Canada’s BC Bud Strain Are you ready to feel like a god? Let the High Times Cannabis Cup Winner ‘BC God Bud strain’ Tantalise Your Senses To Take You to the Next Level. When a cannabis strain emerges as a leader, a lot of hype starts to swirl around the name and its […]

How Long Does Marijuana Stays In Your Blood, Urine & Hair?

How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System? How long does weed stay in your system? Learn how certain factors affect marijuana retention in your body. The fact that marijuana has been legal in Canada for almost four years now does little to address the many apprehensions that still surround cannabis.  One of the most […]

Wondering How to Get Higher on Less Weed?

6 Ways to Get Higher on Less Weed Hello there! Are you searching for an answer to the how to get higher on less weed question too?  Whether you’re trying to save money to buy more weed or concerned that you’re taking too much and not getting high enough, you have landed on the right page! A […]

Have You Tried GMO Cookies? Read This Strain Review Before You Do

GMO Cookies Strain Review & Info This GMO Cookies weed review will teach you all you need to know about this super-potent strain. When you’ve been smoking marijuana for some time, you get a preconceived idea of what weed is. How it should smell and taste like, and even how its effects should feel. Many […]

Pink Kush Weed Review: Why Is This Strain So Popular?

Why Pink Kush IS One Of The Best Indicas In Canada Pink Kush is one of the most sought-after cannabis strains in Canada. Its strong body effects, flavour and aroma aside, it is claimed to be a relative of the legendary OG Kush, making it even more desirable. In this Pink Kush strain review, we […]

What Are The Top 5 Differences Between A Blunt Vs Joint Vs Spliffs?

Blunt Vs Joint Vs Spliff? What Is The Best Way To Smoke Weed? The age-old blunt vs joint debate in the cannabis industry rivals that of the chicken and egg, and it’s only intensifying as more people accept the role of marijuana in managing many health conditions. But what’s the difference between a blunt and […]

Cannabis Drinks & Effects: 4 Reasons To Start Drinking Cannabis-infused Drinks

Cannabis Drinks & Effects: Drink Up That Weed! What do you know about cannabis drinks & effects? We are witnessing new trends in the cannabis industry every day. The novelty of being able to drink weed is proving to be wildly popular for both recreational and medicinal cannabis users. From smoothies to coffee to cocktails […]

What Are Terpenes & How Do They Affect The Body?

What Are Terpenes & How Do They Affect The Body? The cannabis plant has a wide variety of beneficial compounds. About 150 of these compounds belong to a large class of unsaturated hydrocarbons known as terpenes. But what are terpenes in weed, and what do they do? The cannabis plant is incredibly complex, and although […]

Top 6 Factors To Consider When Buying Weed In Ajax

Best Place To Buy Weed In Ajax If you’ve never been to a weed dispensary in Ajax, you may not know how to spot the right shop or how to pick the best marijuana strain. These tips should help you choose the best seller when looking to buy weed in Ajax.  When both Houses passed […]