How to Use a Vaporizer for Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates can be consumed by smoking, vaping and dabbing. Here’s what to consider when using a vaporizer specially made for concentrates.

Cannabis concentrates are a variety of solid or liquid products that are created by processing cannabis flower into a concentrated form. These products include hash, kief, live resin, rosin, shatter and wax — all of which can be consumed through inhalation using a vaporizer specifically made for concentrates. Here’s how.

How are concentrates consumed?

Depending on the form, cannabis concentrates can be consumed by smoking (in a joint, pipe or bong), vaping (in a dried flower vaporizer with a concentrate attachment or a concentrate-specific vaporizer, or in a vape pen, in the case of distillate) or dabbing (using a dab rig). Here’s an in-depth look at the variety of accessories available.

Because these products contain a very high concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, there is a risk for overconsumption. If you are using a concentrate-specific vaporizer, the recommended amount for hash or kief is a pinch (roughly the size of a dime); for shatter, rosin, wax or live resin, it’s less than the size of a lentil.

As always, Health Canada suggests a “start low and go slow” approach when consuming cannabis products.

What is a concentrate-specific vaporizer?

While smoking burns the cannabis product and produces smoke, a vaporizer heats it to the point where the active ingredients—such as cannabinoids and terpenes — are released into a vapour, which is inhaled.

There are three types of vaporizers: vape pens, which are disposable or reusable and are only used with cannabis oil; dried flower vaporizers, to be used with dried cannabis; and concentrate-specific vaporizers, to be used with most other forms of cannabis concentrates. (Dried flower vaporizers may also come with attachments to accommodate concentrates.)

How do I use a vaporizer for cannabis concentrates?

There are five simple steps to using a concentrate-specific vaporizer, although you should refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for your particular device.

  1. Portion out the concentrate, keeping in mind the recommended amount.
  2. Load the concentrate into the chamber.
  3. Adjust the vaporizer’s airflow and temperature settings, if applicable.
  4. Turn on the vaporizer.
  5. Take small inhalations from the mouthpiece.

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