The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About First Class Funk Strain

The strain First Class Funk is an indica dominant hybrid with a 60% indica and 40% sativa blend. Harvest created the strain by crossing GMO with Jet Fuel. 

The First-Class Funk strain genetics give you a window into what you can expect from this strain. 

A lot of good weed strains come out of California and First Class Funk doesn’t disappoint. 

As you might have guessed from the name, First Class Funk has a pungent aroma that it probably gets from its parent plant Jet Fuel. 

The heavy-hitting stench definitely smells like jet fuel with a strong diesel aroma that makes this strain memorable. 

First Class Funk Strain Info 

First Class Funk buds with a pre-rolled First Class Funk joint. Buy weed near me. Pot shop.

An indica dominant strain, First Class Funk is an ideal choice for a day where you don’t plan on doing much but sitting on the couch. It has a creeping effect (pay attention to your dosage). 

You’ll feel the high start to come on in a few minutes, but by then you might have had a few more tokes than you needed so try to space out your hits to monitor your dosage. 

When First Class Funk hits, you’ll know it. You’ll instantly feel head and full-body relaxation. 

Your mind will become wonderfully unfocused so that all your cares start to slip away, and you can truly let go of whatever is bothering you to give your mind a rest and reboot. 

The sedative-like body high will leave you chilling on the couch for hours. 

You’ll start to feel sleepy and you might even doze off, which is why this strain is a definite favourite for individuals who have trouble sleeping and regularly deal with insomnia. 

First Class Funk is not a strain for inexperienced users. It’s a heavy hitter that packs a significant punch with 29 to 33% THC on average. 

Medical marijuana users who regularly must cope with chronic pain, muscle spasms, arthritis, and cramps turn to First Class Funk for relief.

You’ll instantly start to feel the munchies after using First Class Funk so be sure you have healthy snacks ready. 

This strain is also great for people who want to inspire their appetite or overcome nausea. 

First Class Funk Strain Flavour 

cropped view of man lighting up blunt of first class funk strain weed. Dispensary delivery near me. First class funk strain review.

The flavour of First Class Funk is gassy (as mentioned) but there is also some spice to each hit that will tickle your taste buds and you’ll notice when you exhale. 

There is a little fruit flavour to the strain. Some First-Class Funk strain users also report tasting grape, pepper, and spice. 

Virtually every user reports the telltale gassy flavour of this strain – they either love it or hate it.

If you are new to smoking the dry flower, then you’ll cough with First Class Funk because the strain is strong 

The nugs of First-Class Funk appear round. They are a light green with noticeable yellow/orange hairs and a delightful coating of white crystal trichomes. 

Get your smell-proof bag or box ready if you plan on transporting this pungent strain if you don’t want all your surrounding items to smell like it. The dank unmistakable aroma will linger in any room. 

At The6ixCannabis we sell First Class Funk by Ghost Drops. The buds are all first cuts grown by hand-selected craft micro-producers and bred by Compound Genetics. Terpinolene of First Class Funk include: Citrus, Spice, and Woodsy 

Picking the Best Cannabis Strain

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Are you wondering if First Class Funk is the right strain for you? Here are a few things to consider when picking a strain:

Flavour and Aroma

Every strain’s terpene profile is different. Some are subtle and others intense. You’ll need to decide your own personal preference when making a decision.

First Class Funk has an extraordinarily strong aroma and flavour which might seem overpowering for some users. 


An indica strain usually supplies laidback results and sativa is more energetic. 

When going with a hybrid, like First Class Funk, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds to a varying degree. 

Also, you’ll want to consider the THC percentage. Higher THC strains pack a stronger punch. 


Consider the strain’s THC level. Do you want an intense high? A fast hitter? Maybe you would prefer a smooth high? 

Medical Benefits

Medical benefits of cannabis. Weed delivery in Ajax. Cannabis dispensary in Whitby.

All strains offer medicinal properties. You’ll need to pick a strain that best meets your particular healthcare concerns. 


For many, the price point is still a concern. A high-end, high THC strain is usually more expensive than a low THC strain. 

Also, if the strain is relatively rare then its price tag is typically higher. However, you’ll find that many online weed dispensaries offer flash sales or affordable ounce prices. 


Strains come in all forms. You can buy dried flower, concentrates, topicals, edibles, and more. 

 When picking a cannabis strain, there is no one size fits all. You’ll have to consider your particular needs. In some cases, you’ll need to try multiple varieties before you can figure out which one works best. 

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