6 Ways to Get Higher on Less Weed

Hello there! Are you searching for an answer to the how to get higher on less weed question too? 

Whether you’re trying to save money to buy more weed or concerned that you’re taking too much and not getting high enough, you have landed on the right page! A few simple strategies can help you achieve the appropriate high while utilizing a quarter of the usual amount. 

Surprised? Read on to believe in our words! 

The intervals between purchases will be longer if you smoke pot efficiently and receive better highs. However, not everyone who wants to get high while using less cannabis wants to save money. 

Some folks, particularly chronic smokers, don’t get as high as they used to, requiring them to use significantly more weed to have the same effect. Your body will tolerate THC and other cannabinoids if you continue to consume them.

How to Get Higher on Less Weed?

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The notorious fame that is often associated with marijuana is because of its extraordinary psychoactive high.

However, the build-up of tolerance reduces this high by a significant factor.

And once tolerance starts building up, one has to keep thinking of ways to improve the quality of high. 

An amplified intake is one option that many rely on, but not a works-all-the-time solution. Plus, it is an expensive option. Are you sure that your wallet can bear the extra burden? 

So, therefore, we have come up with a comprehensive list of tips and tricks that offer a promising solution. 

Given their efficiency, we are one hundred percent sure that you will hit the jackpot in the following lines. 

Here are the best hacks for getting more out of less in the magical world of marijuana! 

1. Revisit Your Inhalation Technique

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It sounds like a very elementary aspect. But believe us or not, this is exactly the error many experienced users are making and, as a result, are experiencing a very inadequate high. 

If any beginners are reading these lines, take notes. It is always better to get the hang of things from the word. Saves you from a lot of trouble in the future! 

It is important to have a correct inhalation technique. Otherwise, it is a terrible waste of your hard-earned money and high-quality weed. 

Once the weed smoke enters your body post-inhalation, its absorption into the bloodstream occurs. Only after this absorption can your brain begin to appreciate what just happened. 

Now in a scenario where you are not inhaling your smoke properly, it will not go to your lungs. No THC in the lungs means no absorption in the blood, which means no high. 

How can you overcome this problem? You can start by taking small draws and inhaling the smoke deep into the lungs.  Quickly take a real good breath of plain air. 

That makes sense since it will propel the smoke deeper into your lungs. 

Result? More THC in your bloodstream, and if that isn’t what we want, what else! 

Some of you might have made the mistake of holding the smoke for more than a couple of seconds. Some might still be in the habit of doing that. 

Got to tell you this, you have to stop! It is a detrimental act for your pulmonary health. Your lungs do a fine job when it comes to absorbing cannabinoids like THC; you just have to work on your smoke inhalation technique a wee bit! 

2. Reconsider Your Consumption Method 

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It goes without saying that smoking is the most popular method of consuming stash. It is almost like a tradition in the churches of cannabis! 

But well, times are changing rapidly, and we can’t help but think about some of these new methods of weed consumption. 

Methods that are not only fun but are super effective in giving you an extra high from a relatively less amount of weed. Exactly the point around which this discussion has been orchestrated! 

Bongs and vapes are fast becoming popular among young consumers, and their popularity isn’t governed by innovativeness. Rather, the elements of utility and practicality make them such a handy choice these days. 

Vaping devices can save as much as 40-45% of the THC normally lost when smoking weed. There is nothing more tragic than seeing the stash burn when you are not ready for a hit in-between hits! 

So, switching to vaping is one option that you can consider. Also, jot down edibles too. They, too, are a money saver, plus there is a lot of versatility!  

3. Eliminate Any Distractions Around You

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The scientific world should dedicate one branch to the science of distractions alone. We mean to say, have we ever stopped to analyze how minor and major distractions hamper our goals and objectives? 

They even take away the charm of our fun time, the hobbies that we save time for, the weed that we have been meaning to smoke for so long. 

Wait, what? Yes, you read that right. When you are distracted by that buzzing sound of social media notifications all the time, you will find it incredibly hard to focus on your weed. 

And once your mind starts wandering here and there, well, you can kiss goodbye to your hopes of having a perfect high. 

The best advice that we have for you is to ensure that none of your electronic devices are nearby you, or at least, are switched off when you plan on doing weed. 

Marijuana must be the master of this ceremony; let it dictate the rules of this evening! You will experience a high like never before if you allow your mind and body to relax sufficiently. 

4. T-Breaks Work Too!

 Some of you are already distraught at the mention of T-breaks. Let us tell you; they can prove to be a game-changer. But firstly, we must describe what they are for folks who are not well familiar with them. 

A T-break is a tolerance break, a brief pause that a smoker must take when the tolerance starts building up. 

In the case of cannabis tolerance, it happens because THC depletes the CB1 receptors. It is like letting your body recover after going through an extremely challenging phase. 

Tolerance breaks might be tough to live through, but promise to restore the same effects that marijuana compounds once had on your body. 

The difference is too contrasting; you will feel it yourself. Few hits will start doing the magic which many stashes couldn’t! 

5. Always Believe in the Power of Fruits! 

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We can bet that some of you are stunned by reading these words. But wait till you try it! Yes, various fruits can prove to be handy in boosting your high. 

For example, fruits rich in terpenes can boost THC by a significant factor. Go for myrcene and pinene, especially if you can. 

Mango is enriched with the former, which is why many marijuana magicians don’t perform their magic unless they have had some mango 30 minutes before the session. 

Some other magical elements and ingredients that can boost high include vitamin C, Omega-3, dark chocolate, and green tea! The puzzle of how to make your high better is slowly getting solved! 

6. Potency and High are Inversely Proportional

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Sometimes, you can increase your chances of having an extended high in the initial stages of this process, i.e., when you shop for the stash. 

Researching well before you order weed online or offline is crucial. It is pertinent to mention here that some strains out there offer a high with less. 

Concentrates are another option that many rely on; their market is quite diverse. 

Typically, cannabis flowers don’t have more than 25% to offer in terms of THC content. But concentrates have been reported to have a THC percentage as high as 90%. 

Definitely, a more potent option that can help you achieve your objective of having a higher hit with lesser weed! 

Going to Order Weed Online? Don’t Make Any Compromises! 

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Finding better performing strains is one thing; finding better weed is another. Sometimes, the stash that you buy is of such inferior quality that having a decent hit with it is seemingly impossible. 

More often than not, it is the novices who face this issue. Doing market research properly and narrowing down your searches to the best (both qualitatively and quantitatively) can help you find the high-quality product that can give you the best hit. 

For the weed smokers from Ajax, Whitby, and Pickering, The 6ix Cannabis is the heaven that has all of these high-quality products. So to purchase weed online, you can start by checking out the versatility there first! 

Final Thoughts 

So there you are; these are our best hacks for boosting your high, which is suffering from a low. We believe that the how to get higher on less weed question has been answered satisfactorily. 

You shouldn’t be getting unhigh for at least six hours if you go by what we have just told you. It doesn’t mean that all of these tricks will work for you. 

But you stand a very good chance with even a couple of these working in your favor. 

Remember, the reason is sometimes insignificant, but the impact is tremendous. Try fixing that reason; your experience will improve automatically!