Blunt Vs Joint Vs Spliff? What Is The Best Way To Smoke Weed?

The age-old blunt vs joint debate in the cannabis industry rivals that of the chicken and egg, and it’s only intensifying as more people accept the role of marijuana in managing many health conditions. But what’s the difference between a blunt and a joint? And does it matter?

This article investigates the differences between the three most popular ways of smoking weed to help you figure out which is best.

What Is A Joint?

image of 2 rolled joint.

Weed joints are by far the most common method of smoking marijuana. And there are several reasons for their widespread popularity, including the fact that they only contain weed and are small and portable, making them an excellent choice to spark up on the go. But what’s in a joint?

A joint is simply ground weed flower rolled up in rolling paper. The rolling paper is traditionally white, but new papers come in all colors and even flavors.

Joint rolling papers can be made out of paper, hemp, rice, etc. and can be big, small or medium. They are also available in thin and ultra-thin types, offering different burn rates.

Weed joints can also be rolled into either straight or cone shapes, and depending on your taste, stoners can create different types, including the legendary cross joint that consists of three joints attached to form the shape of a “cross.”

Marijuana joints can also have a crutch or filter at the drawing end, which gives the roll structure, allows you to smoke all the weed without burning your lips and fingertips, and stops weed particles from getting into your mouth.

While rolling a joint is a ritualistic activity that all stoners must perfect, nowadays, you can grab pre-rolled joints from a pot shop near you in Ajax. Or you can buy high-quality weed and try rolling one yourself. 

Although they come in different sizes and shapes, joints only contain weed rolled up in rolling paper.

What Is A Blunt

Several rolled blunts on a wooden table.

Blunts are the second most popular way of smoking weed. If you are familiar with the appearance of a cigar, then you already know what a blunt looks like, and as it turns out, they have several things in common.

A blunt is weed rolled inside a cigar, cigarillo or blunt wraps. Blunt wraps are made from thick tobacco leaf paper. In fact, blunt smokers often cut up cigars, emptying all the tobacco contents and replacing them with weed. 

Blunts also contain 100% cannabis inside the wraps, with the main difference with joints being the tobacco leaf wrap. When combusted, the tobacco wraps deliver a dose of nicotine which adds a head buzz and energy to your cannabis high.

How To Roll A Weed Blunt

rolling weed with a grinder. blunt vs joint. buy weed online in Ajax cannabis dispensary.

First, prepare your weed by grinding it into small pieces. Secondly, prepare the wrap – this is easier if you have a ready-to-use blunt wrap, but if you have a cigar or cigarillo, carefully cut it open using a blade and empty the tobacco.

Moisten the empty wrap to prevent cracking. Then put the ground weed on the wrap and gently roll it into a tube. 

Dampen the edge of the wrap to seal it, then run a lighter flame along the length of the blunt to dry up excess moisture. And there you have it – Your First Blunt!

What Is A Spliff?

Wondering what to do with the tobacco emptied from the cigar when making a blunt? Make a spliff. 

A spliff is made with rolling paper, just like a joint, but it has weed and tobacco content, unlike a joint. Typically, the hybrid contents of a spliff don’t go above a 50-50 tobacco-weed mix. But since it has more tobacco than a blunt, it provides a stronger nicotine buzz.

Spliffs also have crutches/filters like joints. 

What Is The Difference Between Blunts, Joints And Spliffs?

What are the differences between blunts and joints, and spliffs? 

1. The Wrap/Rolling Paper

blunt rolling paper. blunt vs joint vs spliff.

This is the most apparent difference in blunt vs joint vs spliff comparison. Joints are rolled with rolling papers made of rice, paper or hemp. These papers are typically white, but newer brands come in all colors and even flavors.

On the other hand, blunts use tobacco wrap – made from tobacco leaf. Blunts are also commonly rolled using the outside wrapper of a cigar or cigarillo. However, this line is slowly becoming blurred as some blunt wrap makers popularize tobacco-free wraps, i.e., hemp.

Spliffs are made using the same rolling papers as joints.

2. Size And How Much Weed Is In A Joint Vs Blunt Vs Spliff

Size is another difference when comparing blunts vs joints vs spliffs. Typically, blunts can be two or more times bigger than a joint. On the other hand, a spliff is the same size as a joint as they are rolled with the same types of rolling papers.

However, size isn’t a determining factor as people roll joints differently, with some stoners making creative monster joints. However, if you are wondering how much weed is needed for a blunt, it’s typically 1-2 grams.

A gram of weed can roll anything from two decent-sized joints, but you can squeeze up to four small ones.

3. Contents

cannabis bud, rolled joint, and weed grinder. buy weed in Ajax. Pickering cannabis dispensary. weed delivery near me.

Blunts and joints have 100% cannabis inside the rolling papers/wraps. On the other hand, Spliffs contain a hybrid mix of weed and tobacco. Consumers can adjust the ratio of tobacco to weed depending on the type of effects they wish to have, but it typically never goes above 50-50. In blunts, the effects of tobacco come from the wrap and not the contents inside.

4. Effects 

With joints, you only experience the effects of marijuana. But when smoking a blunt, you inhale nicotine from the tobacco paper, which causes a head buzz in addition to the effects of cannabis. In spliffs, the effects of nicotine from the tobacco kick in first, providing an energetic and stimulating buzz before the weed kicks in.

The effects of cannabis in all consumption methods depend on the strain, the THC potency and other cannabinoids or terpenes present. 

5. Burn Time

Rolling papers burn faster than blunt wraps. The tobacco paper used for blunts is thick and burns slower, making it perfect for group sessions.  However, this varies depending on the type of rolling paper.

Nowadays, you can buy thicker rolling papers that burn slower, extending the life of your joint or spliff. 

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